70 shot Royal Jubilee pack (Large)

Celebrate the Royal Jubilee with your very own 70 shot salute!

1 x 19 shot Big Time Cake. 1 x 25 shot Double Dynamite. 1 x 25 shot Colour Crackles. 1 x giant Messenger Rocket. 20 eco-sparklers for just £99.

Suitable for a large garden these 3 tremendous cakes will be a magnificent way of marking your celebrations. And for the finale there is a huge Messenger Rocket which can take your personal message high into the sky and burst into a glorious golden crown.  Plus we’re including 4 packs of our eco-friendly sparklers to lift your spirits.

You need a safety distance of up to 25 meters for this pack. Follow the instructions on the fireworks.

With free local delivery. Order by 27th May

(Photo: M. Hawksey. Flickr)