70 shot Royal Jubilee pack (Extra Large)

Celebrate the Royal Jubilee with your very own 70 shot salute!

20 rockets from the impressive Vader pack, through The Rocks and the Harpoons right up to the mighty Messenger. Plus 1 x 25 shot Double Dynamite and 1 x 25 shot Colour Crackles, and 20 eco-sparklers all for for just £199.

Suitable for a large garden this amazing pack of powerful rockets and cakes will be a magnificent way of marking your celebrations. Start off with the Vader rockets and The Rocks, add in the two tremendous 25 shot cakes, then turn to the Harpoons with their massive bursts, and finish with the 2  Messengers Rocket which can take your personal message high into the sky and burst into glorious golden crowns.  Plus we’re including 4 packs of our eco-friendly sparklers to lift your spirits.

You need a safety distance of up to 25 meters for this pack. Follow the instructions on the fireworks.

With free local delivery. Order by 27th May

(Photo: M. Hawksey. Flickr)