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Bite Me Harder

36 shot | 16mm | 8m safety distance | 40 secs | Noise level 3/5

This terrific 36 shot cake from Celtic is a replacement for the classic “Bite Me”  which is now discontinued.

Bite Me Harder fires 36 red and green peonies into the sky, each one bursting into a crackling effect called Dragon’s Eggs.

This is a great product for the smaller garden as it only needs an 8m safety distance (though you might want to stand further back). It bursts low enough to appear bigger in the sky and even more dramatic. It’s a super addition to larger displays as well when you want to add some variety.

We were one of the first companies to get hold of this, and it’s been a best seller every year. So if you want it for a display, you’re best to order it now.


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