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Carbon Offset

Voluntary Donation

If you add this item to your basket we will donate £1 (or more) on your behalf to the Woodland Trust who look after trees and forests around the UK.

All fireworks contain carbon, which produces carbon dioxide when it burns. It’s unavoidable. But it’s not as much as some people think. A typical garden firework display will only produce about as much CO2 as a family’s Sunday lunch.

Peak Fireworks are working hard to reduce our impact on the environment. Our fireworks are plastic free. We limit the amount of travel we use to source and deliver our orders. We keep packaging to an absolute minimum, and recycle waste wherever we can. And we work closely with the main importers of fireworks to check the sustainability of our supply chains and manufacture.

We also offset our own carbon footprint each year with a donation to the Woodland Trust. You can join us by donating £1 (or more if you want) when you order from us. We will add this to our annual donation to the Trust.

Thank you.