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Sold out!

Double Act Rocket Pack

4 Rockets | 25m safety distance | Noise Level 3/5

The Double Act from Kimbolton is the professional’s choice for a larger garden display. These huge rockets carry a “double break” payload and high levels of flash powder – so it’s best to tell your neighbours if you are going to have these in your display.

The two-stage effects in each pack are: Golden Willow/Green; Golden Willow/Blue; Brocade Crown/ Chrysanthemum; and Brocade Crown/Red. Save the Brocades for your finale!

Rockets are going to be really hard to find in the UK this year. We cannot get more into the country due to the global shortage of containers and delays in shipping. BUT THESE ARE IN STOCK SO BUY NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT.


Sold out!