Large Chinese New Year Display

11 cakes | 3 Roman Candles | Brilliant Display | 25m safety distance

Everything you need for a spectacular Chinese New Year Fireworks display in a large garden. All made in China of course! You need at least 25 metres safety distance for some of these products, and a wide open space for the finale.

PLEASE ORDER by Weds 10th February to be sure of delivery in time for Chinese New Year. Free local delivery only (Nottingham Area).

Typical Contents*:-

3 Hong Kong candles (8 shots each), 1 Beijing Blitz cake (36 shots), 1 Magneto Burst cake (16 shots), 1 Storm cake (16 shots), 1 Crazy Crackles cake (25 shots), 1 Ding Dong cake (16 shots), 1 Disco Balls cake (19 shots), 1 Ritzy Glitzy cake (16 shots), 1 Big Time cake (19 shots), 1 Mish Mash Mini cake (100 shots), 1 More Tea Vicar cake (61 shot), 1 Champagne Fizz finale cake (30 massive shots) and  25 Eco Sparkle Sticks.

*If we need to replace any of these items we will swap it for something of equal or better value.

£300.00 £249.99