18" Sparklers

18″ Sparklers from Hallmark.
These sparklers by our friends at Hallmark are some of the best on the market, and we have them available for you all year round.

They are easy to light, bright, crackling, and long-lasting. They will always add the magic to any fireworks party because they are the only firework that the audience can hold in their hand. People will always want to wave them around, make patterns in the dark, and write their name with the sparks.

But please be careful with them. They can be very dangerous, even though they look pretty. Don’t throw them or wave them in other people’s faces. They are great fun, but they burn at over 1000 degrees C. And they are responsible for some of the nastiest and most common injuries that show up in hospitals on Bonfire Night every year.

Please don’t let children under 5 use sparklers.
And if your children are scared of sparklers, don’t make them have one “to be brave”. If older children (or adults) are going to be using sparklers it is best if they are wearing gloves. And please put sparklers into a bucket of water or sand as soon as they have gone out. Don’t just drop them on the ground.

Currently out of stock. More due in. In the meantime we have these available.

For more information and safety advice about sparklers and children, please watch the short video from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, which you can find on our blog by clicking here


Sold out!