Fireworks for small gardens

SMALL GARDENS: Firework packs and quiet fireworks

Here are our top recommendations for spectular fireworks from Celtic, Kimbolton and Hallmark. They don’t have fancy wrappers or exaggerated claims… just brilliant fireworks.

These fireworks are suitable for small-sized gardens. They need a safety distance of at least 8m. Always follow the instructions on the firework.

Choose your fireworks from the selection below and add them to your basket. Or go straight for our ready-picked Small Garden Display for even better value.

Even if you only have a small garden there is almost certainly enough space for a few fireworks. The Gunpowder Section Box, for example, is the perfect start for a small garden display. It includes ground level fireworks like fountains, two Twister candles, miniature cakes which fire stars into the sky, and even a pair of high-flying rockets.

Just make sure that your audience can be 8m away from the fireworks when you let them off. And check that the aerial fireworks won’t be obstructed by overhanging trees, bushes or wires.

Add a small cake like Crazy Crackles or Bite Me for some extra drama. If you want to include a quieter cake, check out the Virtual Vortex. And some sparklers of course – but remember not to give these to children under 5, and have a bucket of sand or water nearby for safety.