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Firework factories

Firework factory, Liuyang, China

Our main supplier (Celtic Fireworks) has just posted some photos from their recent visit to the fireworks factories in Liuyang, China.

The main photo (above) shows people working on some large fanned cakes. They’re at the final stages of making these 80, 100, and even some 240 shot cakes. Each tube you can see here has a single firework inside. These are glued into rows, and the rows then glued together into blocks or “cakes” of different combinations. A series of fuses runs between each tube and each row so that the effects all fire in sequence.

Packing small stage fountains ready for despatch

Some of these cakes are so large and powerful that they can only be fired by professional companies. These “Category 4” products will feature in the amazing displays fired by our sister company (Electrify). The smaller (“Category 3”) fireworks are sold through our on-line shop

Celtic are now the leading supplier of fireworks to the UK, and we are so lucky to be based on the same storage site as them. It means that we are always up to date with their current stock, and can even get items from them at short notice. Our record is 3 minutes – a phone call, a short trip across the site, collect, pack, and send it out for delivery!

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