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About Peak Fireworks

Peak Fireworks collaborates with Electrify Pyrotechnics and others to bring you the very best in consumer fireworks. We have fireworks for sale all year round.

We don’t use fancy packaging (who’s going to see that in the dark?) These are just brilliant, safe products fit for your garden. We don’t advertise at misleading prices. We don’t use “RRP”, “SSP” , false “SALE” tags or deceptive offers. 

We buy direct from some of the biggest and best firework companies in the UK such as Celtic, Hallmark, and Kimbolton. This means that we only provide the very best products on the market.

Our aim is to give you a simpler, safer, spectacular service.

Simpler: One site for all your needs. With clear explanations and no jargon. We offer free delivery in the NG (Nottingham) and DE (Derby) postcode areas. Or you can collect your fireworks from our depot in Staffordshire.

Safer: All our fireworks are rigorously tested and chosen for safety and ease of use. We start and finish the process with safety in mind. And we give free advice on firework safety and how to select and fire your display like the professionals on bonfire night or at any other time. See our fireworks blog archive for more details.

Spectacular: These are some of the very best consumer fireworks available in the UK. They are certainly better than the ones you can find in supermarkets. Many of our retail products are so good we use them in our professional displays. You will be amazed how great they are.

The photos of firework effects on this site are mostly taken by us. They show a mixture of consumer and professional products being fired in real settings.

Company Information

Peak Fireworks Ltd. Company No 10385342
VAT No: 258 3674 69
Registered Office: 1, Fisher Lane, Bingham, NG13 8BQ

Our stores are in Staffordshire. Click here for directions and instructions.  

Family of three watching fireworks at night