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There is no better finishing touch for any wedding reception than a spectacular firework display.

We can provide you with everything you need to fire a display yourself, or we can arrange for a professional team to come in and do everything for you.

Choose your fireworks here. Or give us a call on 0115 9129583 and we’ll help you plan a display to suit your budget.

Doing a display yourself? 

If you want a DIY display we can talk you through the whole process. This will include checking the permissions you will need, choosing the most appropriate fireworks, and the safest way to let them off. We offer as much help as you need, because we know how important it is to get everything just right.

We’ve been involved in wedding fireworks for over 20 years and have arranged displays for intimate parties of a dozen people, right up to massive events for hundreds of guests.

Looking for a professional display company?

If you want someone else to do the display, we work closely with our friends at Electrify Pyrotechnics. We provide them with all their fireworks – including the spectacular, sky-filling fireworks that we can’t sell to the general public. We can put you in touch with their prize-winning designer, their display manager and their professional firers.

Electrify will do everything for you… liaising with the venue, conducting the risk assessment, providing the insurance, laying out the fireworks, firing the display and clearing it all up afterwards. They can fire the display to your chosen music, add lights, flames and sounds. It really is the best service you will ever experience.

Give us a call on 0115 9129583 and we’ll help you plan the ultimate finale to the best wedding day you can imagine.

photo of bride, groom and firework