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Fireworks for large gardens

LARGE GARDEN: Firework packs and individual fireworks

Here are our top recommendations for premium quality fireworks from Celtic, Phoenix/Kimbolton and Hallmark  (including the outrageous Miner’s Revenge)

These fireworks are only suitable for larger gardens with no obstructions or overhanging trees. They all need a safety distance of at least 25m. Always follow the instructions on the fireworks.

Choose your fireworks from the selection below and add them to your basket. You can also add products from our Small Garden and Medium Garden ranges. Or you can go straight for our ready-picked Large Garden Display for even better value.

We have chosen the very best and the very largest fireworks for this category. They have all been picked because they are suitable for open spaces such as large gardens. Some of them are “fanned” cakes which means they spread out across the sky. These need a wide firing site. You can see the spread of these products by watching the videos for each product.

Always follow the instructions on the firework itself and allow for the strength and direction of the wind when you fire your display. If the wind is blowing towards your audience you should add extra safety distance.

Please follow the fireworks code for all aspects of your fireworks display.  You can find this on the website of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents by clicking on this link.

Everyone at Peak Fireworks wants you to have a safe and spectacular party.

Contact us if you have any questions about the individual products or the safest way of organising your firework display.