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Professional (Cat4) Fireworks

Are you insured? Licensed? Qualified? Do you need to buy professional grade display fireworks? If so, read on...

Peak Fireworks is able to supply Category 4 fireworks to other professional display companies.

We have a wide range of shells, mines, candles, single shots and stage pyro available at great prices. And we can access other products quickly from some of the best fireworks manufacturers in the world.

These fireworks are ONLY for use by insured, licensed, and qualified professionals.

Please contact us if you  have any requirements. But please note: you will be required to provide us with evidence of suitable insurance, storage licence, and professional competence before we can supply you with any Category 4 explosives.

If you do not have these  documents we cannot sell you these fireworks. 

If you are an amateur, and want to improve the quality of your own displays, remember that we do have premium quality consumer products on sale to the general public as well as to the trade. Many of these are so good, that we sell them to display companies for use in their shows.

So, even if we can’t sell you Category 4 products, please look at our full range of Category 3 products – many of which are perfectly adequate for a high quality display.

Professional fireworks burst in the night sky