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Peak Fireworks and Sustainability

We know that fireworks will never be “green”. They burn carbon. So, like many other human activities (travel, cooking, heating our homes) they will always have an impact on the environment.

Our policy is not to eliminate that impact, but to keep it as low as we can. We do this through three main routes:-


  • We work with our suppliers to provide fireworks which contain little or no plastic.
  • Most of our fireworks come from China. They are made in factories which are carefully monitored by the Chinese Authorities and by our suppliers who visit them frequently.
  • They are shipped in bulk by sea (never by air).
  • We buy most of our fireworks in one annual order to save on shipping.
  • Once in the UK we transport them as little as possible. In fact most of our suppliers share a storage site with us, so the fireworks only travel a few yards from their magazines to ours!
  • We don’t have a physical shop – which saves energy and resources. And it means our customers buy online and don’t have to travel to us.
  • We plan our deliveries carefully to minimise our own mileage.
  • This “last mile” transport is actually the biggest generator of CO2 in the whole operation.
  • Consequently we are planning to move to electric vehicles as soon as they are practical for our work.
  • Our office uses 100% renewable electricity. We will replace our gas heating system when it is practical and efficient to do so.


  • We reuse packaging and equipment wherever possible
  • We make our display equipment to last – it is used dozens or even hundreds of times
  • We only replace office equipment and resources when we have to.


  • We recycle our waste wherever possible, and are working with our suppliers to increase the amounts of recyclable packaging used in our fireworks.
  • We use recycled products where they are suitable for our work, without compromising on quality or safety.

We offset the rest of our carbon footprint with an annual donation to the Woodland Trust. And we offer a way for our customers to add to this offset every time they buy fireworks from us.


We know this isn’t good enough yet. And we are working to lower the impact of our work wherever we can. We welcome suggestions on how we can do better.

Peak Fireworks