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70 shot | 30mm | 25m safety distance | 100 secs | Noise Level 5/5

Do you remember Bill and Ben, the Flower Pot Men? They’d have been a bit rattled by this massive 70 shot cake from Celtic.

Bill lasts over a minute and a half, and is packed with a wide range of colours and effects which come out of 30mm tubes (the largest available in retail fireworks in the UK). This makes him a classic “single ignition” cake. Just light one fuse, stand well back, and watch the show.

We sell Bill on his own or in a pack with with his brother (Ben). But of course we’re also happy to help you choose complimentary products from the rest of our range.

Both of them need a large space, as you need to be at least 25m away when it fires.

And don’t forget our free local delivery service. Just call us for details.


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