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Colourful Crossette

25 shot | 20mm | >8m safety distance | 35 secs | Noise Level 1/5

The crossette is the famous cross-shaped burst found in many of the most impressive fireworks. Rather than just exploding in the sky to give a burst and flash of light (which is fair enough) each crossette produces a four-pronged coloured star. This cake has 25 of them. Brilliant.

This is a perfect cake for a quiet garden display. (The video has the noise of other fireworks going off nearby). And it goes really well with one of the latest products from Celtic: the Cris Cross. Similar effects but different colours.

Customer Review (Pair of Colourful Crossettes bought with other small, low-noise cakes and a Catherine wheel for a quiet neighbourhood display):-
“Used them last night and everyone said how amazing they were! So thanks very much, and I will pass your number on to them.” (NH)


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Low Noise