Complete Large Garden Display

Everything you need for a great display in a large garden.

£300 worth of the very best fireworks featured in our Small, Medium and Large Garden Ranges for just £250.

Typical contents*: 1 x Medium Selection Box, 1 x 36 shot Bite Me cake, 2 x 56 shot Roman candle Bundles, 1 x 49 shot Frogs in a Blender Cake, 1 X Super Spinner Catherine Wheel, 1 x 100 shot Mish Mash Mini Cake, 1 x 100 shot Fast and Furious Cake, 1 x 25 shot instant fire Miner’s Revenge Cake (very loud), 1 pack 5 large rockets (such as Hallmark Sky Hunters), 1 pair of King and Boss Rockets (the biggest on the UK market), 15 x 18″ sparklers, 1 pack of Portfires

The products in this pack are specially selected for bigger spaces with no overhanging trees. Some need a wide open display area. Most need a safety distance of at least 25m. Please call us to make sure that we are  choosing fireworks that are safe for your firing site.

*If we need to substitute any of these products we will replace them with something of equal or better value which will still suit your garden.

£300.00 £250.00