Complete Large Garden Display

Everything you need for a great display in a large garden.

£300 worth of the very best fireworks featured in our Small, Medium and Large Garden Ranges for just £250.

Typical contents*: 1 x Plotters Selection Box, 1 x 36 shot Bite Me cake, 2 x 56 shot Roman candle Bundles, 1 x 49 shot Frogs in a Blender Cake, 1 X Super Spinner Catherine Wheel, 1 x 100 shot Mish Mash Mini Cake, 1 x 100 shot Fast and Furious Cake, 1 x 25 shot instant fire Miner’s Revenge Cake (very loud), 1 pack 5 large rockets (such as Hallmark Sky Hunters), 1 pair of King and Boss Rockets (the biggest on the UK market), 15 x 18″ sparklers, 1 pack of Portfires

The products in this pack are specially selected for bigger spaces with no overhanging trees. Some need a wide open display area. Most need a safety distance of at least 25m.

*If we need to substitute any of these products we will replace them with something of equal or better value. At the moment, for example, the Selection Box is out of stock and will be replaced with individual fireworks to suit your garden.

£300.00 £250.00