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Complete Medium Garden Display (Quiet Version)

£125 worth of the quieter fireworks featured in our Small and Medium Garden Ranges for just £99.99. And free local delivery. Perfect for any celebration in a medium sized garden.

Typical Contents*: 1 Medium-sized Low noise Selection Box, 1 x 8 shot Hong Kong candle, 1 x 16 shot Fluff cake, 1 x 16 shot Cris Cross cake, 1 x Glittering Gemstones fountain, 1 x 56 shot candle bundle,  5 quieter rockets, and 3 packs of our environmentally-friendly Eco Stick sparklers.

All with free local delivery in time for your party.

All fireworks make a noise. But we have chosen these products which make up a brilliant display without the bangs and whistles. It is still a good idea to keep your pets indoors, and it is always polite to tell your neighbours that you are going to have a display.


Please Note: These products  need a safety distance of between 8m and 25m. The photo on the left is for illustration only.

*If we need to substitute any of these products we will replace them with something of equal or better value which will still suit your garden.

Original price was: £125.00.Current price is: £99.99.

Low Noise