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Dong Ding

16 shot | 25mm | 15m safety distance | 30 secs | Noise Level 3/5

Never get your Dong Dings muddled up with your Ding Dongs!

This is a fantastic successor to the classic Ding Dong. And we think it’s even better. We use these in our professional displays.

The Dong Ding is based on 16 dancing silver spinners (just like its cousin) but this one then turns each shot into a huge spread of red and green strobes. The last 4 fire together for an extra special effect.

Every display should have one. And we haveĀ loads.

Customer Review: “The fireworks were great! Appreciate the advice… We’ll be getting some next year for sure. Thanks again.” D.O.
(Dong Ding and Vader rockets bought for an annual get together of friends from UK and Australia)


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