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The Quiet Ones

6 x 16 shot | 20mm | >8m safety distance | 6 x 35 secs | Noise Level 2/5

A welcome addition to our low-noise range of fireworks. This is a complete quiet display in a box ready to use in a garden display.

It comes with six low-noise cakes in a pack, each one with 16 beautiful shots. That’s just short of 100 gorgeous, varied effects:-

Cake 1. Gold waterfall to stars,
Cake 2. Blinking flutes,
Cake 3. Swimming stars,
Cake 4. Flying fish,
Cake 5. Strobe rain with comet,
Cake 6. Swirl to glitter rain with tiny crackle.

Each cake is numbered to make your life easy. Add some sparklers and a pack of our low-noise rockets and you’ll have everything you need for a beautiful low-noise party. But please tell your neighbours anyway – they may still want to keep their pets indoors. And they may want to watch!


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