Complete Medium Garden Display

£120 worth of the spectacular fireworks featured in our Small and Medium Garden Ranges for just £99.99. And free local delivery.

Typical Contents*:- 1 Treason Selection Box, 1 x Bite Me 36 shot Cake, 1 x Beijing Blitz 36 shot Cake, 1 x Celtic Dawn 25 shot Cake, 1 x 56 shot Roman candle bundle, 1 Super Spinner Catherine Wheel, 1 x 19 shot Disco Balls Cake, 1 x pack  of 5 large rockets (such as Hallmark Sky Hunters),  10 x 18″ sparklers, 1 pack Portfires.

These products  need a safety distance of between 8m and 25m.

*If we need to substitute any of these products we will replace them with something of equal or better value. At the moment, for example, the Selection Box is out of stock and will be replaced with individual fireworks to suit your garden.

£120.00 £99.99