Fireworks in the night sky

Welcome to the Peak Fireworks Blog

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This is the place to come for information about fireworks, safety, techniques and news about the industry We’re committed to helping people learn more about fireworks and how to enjoy them safely and responsibly. If you have a question you would like to ask… just let us know via the contact page.

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people watching a fireworks display

Party Fireworks

If you are having a party, fireworks can make all the difference. And Peak Fireworks would love to help you choose the right products to

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Fireworks crew silhouetted against the explosions and sparks at a training event

Keeping up the energy

The best parts of running a fireworks company all take place outdoors. Meeting clients, visiting venues, planning a display to fit the location… and of

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Two hands holding a lit sparker

Sparklers and children

Please be safe with sparklers this bonfire night. Never give a sparkler to a child under 5. Make sure they are holding them at arm’s

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