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Where is the best place to buy fireworks near me?


I’ve worked with fireworks for nearly 20 years, and people often ask me “Where is the best place to buy fireworks?” and “Can you deliver fireworks direct to me at home?”

You’d think the answer is simple: Buy them from us! Peak Fireworks has a great range of fireworks for every budget and every occasion. We are open all year round And if we don’t have something in stock we can usually get it in a matter of days. We do free local delivery. And we only sell fireworks suitable for the place you want to set them off.

But of course not everyone lives near our office or store. So they go online and do a search for “fireworks shop near me” and see half a dozen or more different companies. Some are big. Some are small. Lots are only open at Bonfire Night. Quite a few don’t answer the phone. They have websites with unconvincing “special offers” or “buy this one, get this one free”. The choice is really hard to make.

So my advice to people is simple. Look around. Find a company you feel you can trust. And build a relationship with them.

A good, reliable fireworks company will usually look like this:-

They will be open all year round.
They won’t be selling cheap fireworks (which will only disappoint you).
They won’t be advertising prices like “RRP” “SSP” “Was £x” unless it’s a genuine sale.
They will talk to you and help you decide which fireworks are safe to use at your particular event.
They won’t try to make you spend more than you want to.
And they will be there to help you next year, too.

Good luck with your hunt for fireworks.

And most importantly, be safe. We want you and your audience to go home safe and sound at the end of your evening.

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