Lighting Up Time

Lights and professional fireworks reflected over a river

To Bedford with Electrify Pyrotechnics to provide the fireworks for the switching on of the town’s Christmas lights. Father Christmas was there on a giant screen that rose up out of the river. And then we saw him high up in the sky driving his sleigh.

After he had flown away, we had the lights, the music and the fireworks. A hard day’s work, and a hard night’s clear-up. But nothing compared to the work Father Christmas will be doing later this month.

50,000 Happy Faces

Professional firework display reflected in a lake

Over 50,000 people saw our fireworks this week. From the smallest family gathering to some of the biggest public displays in the UK. We provided the products for them all.

Thanks to our friends at Electrify Pyrotechnics who put on displays across the country, including the one pictured above (terrific photo by Gez Robinson). And thanks to all the customers who bought fireworks through this site.

And thanks to our suppliers, too, including Celtic, Jubilee, Kimbolton, and Profusion for the amazing and consistent quality of the products.

We still have stock available. So start planning your New Year’s Eve parties.

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All Ready for Bonfire Night

Rows of mortar tubes used in professional firework displays

Some of the 1500 mortar tubes that our friends at Electrify Pyrotechnics will be using over Bonfire Night. Each one will hold an aerial shell that will be launched hundreds of feet into the air before it explodes into a star, a flower shape, a smiley face, or another amazing effect.

Electrify are organising displays all over the country for Bonfire Night this year. And we are providing the fireworks for all of them. We’re also firing four of the displays for them – so if you see Electrify, you will see our fireworks.

If you are organising your own display, please take care. We put safety above everything else, and we want you to do the same.