Firework Price Increases 2022

Why are fireworks more expensive this year?

Medium Garden Fireworks Display

We hate raising the prices of our fireworks. We set up Peak Fireworks to sell you the best quality fireworks at the best possible price. And we have held most of our prices for the last few years.

But this year, we don’t really have a choice. This is for three main reasons:

  1. The manufacture of fireworks has become more expensive. Prices at the factory gate have typically gone up by 10-20% recently
  2. Our fireworks come from China. And the cost of getting them to the UK by container ship has gone up by 300%. Yes. 300%!
  3. Our other costs, including insurance, transport within the UK, office and IT, etc have also gone up.

So, we’re really sorry but you will find our prices have had to go up.

But we have kept our FREE local delivery for all orders over £30

Our only other option would be to offer you cheaper, lower-quality fireworks. And we don’t believe you want that.