Can I light fireworks in the rain?

Fireworks reflected in a puddle

The simple answer is yes. You just need to make sure your fireworks don’t get wet before you light the fuse.

If the ground is damp, it’s a good idea to lay the firework on a plastic bag before you fix it to a stake. (Most professional companies fix their cakes like this to make sure they don’t fall over or bounce around).

Fanned Celtic Firework product safely secured and ready for firing
A fanned cake placed on a plastic bag as the grass is damp. Note how this fanned cake has a label telling you which way to point it.

If it’s really wet, if rain or heavy dew is expected, you can place the whole cake inside a plastic bag before taping it to the stake. Rip open the bag just before you light the fuse. The firework will easily burst through the rest of the bag once it gets going.

Fanned Celtic Firework product safely secured and waterproofed ready for firing
A fanned cake wrapped in a plastic bag and taped to a stake

But don’t cover rockets. They won’t burst through a bag. Just keep the fuse dry until the last minute.

And whatever you do, be safe. Follow the firework code. (Click here to see some sound advice from ROSPA.)

(Featured photo: Colby Stopa under a Creative Commons Licence on Flickr. With thanks)

Every Friday is Firework Friday

Bride and Groom watch a spectacular firework display at their wedding

Each week during the season we are displaying one of our favourite products on our Facebook Page. This week it’s the turn of the brilliant “Slow Then Go” which features in many of the low-noise displays we do with Electrify Pyrotechnics – like this one at a summer wedding. It gives a dramatic end to the show (without upsetting the neighbours).

And it’s a spectacular retail firework in its own right, available to the general public. But make sure you have the space. The audience need to be at least 25m away. And it has a wide spread – so be careful of that, too.

Private party

Barn conversion used as the venue for a fireworks display

To the beautiful, secluded Skyfall holiday house in Somerset to run a firework display for a private party.

Once again it was a low noise display so that we didn’t break the tranquility of  the area, or disturb the cows in the neighbouring dairy farm.

We don’t think they heard us, but we could just about hear them mooing in appreciation of the show.

Low Noise, High Excitement

Bride, Groom and guests look up at the sky during a fireworks display for a wedding

Some wedding venues only allow quiet fireworks. But that doesn’t mean they have to be dull. This weekend we were at the spectacular Pumping House in Ollerton to fire a low-noise display for the wedding of our special friends Ellie and Ed.

As you can see the fireworks went down (or went up) really well.
(With thanks to Sassy at assassynation for the great photo.)

Our partners at Electrify can supply fantastic low-noise professional displays like this across the UK. And we have several quieter products on this site which are suitable for use in your own back gardens or in rural settings where you don’t want to upset neighbours or frighten animals.

Just ask for details when you call.

Lighting Up Time

Lights and professional fireworks reflected over a river

To Bedford with Electrify Pyrotechnics to provide the fireworks for the switching on of the town’s Christmas lights. Father Christmas was there on a giant screen that rose up out of the river. And then we saw him high up in the sky driving his sleigh.

After he had flown away, we had the lights, the music and the fireworks. A hard day’s work, and a hard night’s clear-up. But nothing compared to the work Father Christmas will be doing later this month.

50,000 Happy Faces

Professional firework display reflected in a lake

Over 50,000 people saw our fireworks this week. From the smallest family gathering to some of the biggest public displays in the UK. We provided the products for them all.

Thanks to our friends at Electrify Pyrotechnics who put on displays across the country, including the one pictured above (terrific photo by Gez Robinson). And thanks to all the customers who bought fireworks through this site.

And thanks to our suppliers, too, including Celtic, Jubilee, Kimbolton, and Profusion for the amazing and consistent quality of the products.

We still have stock available. So start planning your New Year’s Eve parties.

Start 2019 with one of our brilliant cakes. They start at £7.99 and go up to £89.99.

Expert guide to running your own firework display safely.

2 Health and Safety Guides to running firework displays

Running your own firework display is a serious business.

If you are organising anything bigger than a display in your own back garden you should read this new guide.

Produced by the Explosives Industry Group of the CBI it tells you everything you need to know.

The red guide is for displays where the fireworks are to be fired by people without specialist knowledge or training – a separate blue guide “Working together on Firework Displays” has been prepared by EIG for those users with specialist knowledge. 

This new edition has been updated to include the significant changes in the law relating to the supply, possession, transport, keeping and use of fireworks which may have an effect on the way you organise your display.