Professional Display Fireworks

Professional fireworks burst in the night sky

Peak Fireworks can supply Category 4 fireworks to other professional companies. We have a wide range of shells, mines, candles, single shots and stage pyro.

These fireworks are ONLY for use by licensed, insured, and qualified professionals.

Please contact us if you  have any requirements. But please note: you will be required to provide us with evidence of suitable insurance, storage licence, and professional competence before we can supply you with any Category 4 explosives.

If you do not have these  documents we cannot sell you these fireworks.

But please look at our full range of Category 3 fireworks – many of which are perfectly adequate for a high quality display.

Every Friday is Firework Friday

Bride and Groom watch a spectacular firework display at their wedding

Each week during the season we are displaying one of our favourite products on our Facebook Page. This week it’s the turn of the brilliant “Slow Then Go” which features in many of the low-noise displays we do with Electrify Pyrotechnics – like this one at a summer wedding. It gives a dramatic end to the show (without upsetting the neighbours).

And it’s a spectacular retail firework in its own right, available to the general public. But make sure you have the space. The audience need to be at least 25m away. And it has a wide spread – so be careful of that, too.

Your fireworks are being made while you read this

Close up of firework being made in China

We’ve just had news that our spectacular fireworks for this year are now being made to order in China. They will be ready for shipping by next month and will be with us in good time for the bonfire season (as well as for all the weddings and parties we will be helping people to celebrate over the summer). These are already planned in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, the rest of the East Midlands, and across the UK.

The photo above shows someone making a 94 shot z cake. The small tubes will fire first – quickly and in a sweeping motion across the sky – with the final four bigger tubes launching big effects into the sky at the end. The whole lot will go off in about 30 seconds, so this is a stunning firework to use at the end of your display. We have loads of these ordered for delivery to our depot in Staffordshire this summer. And don’t forget that we offer free delivery to all postcodes starting NG (Nottingham) and DE (Derby).

We use similar fireworks in the professional displays we run with our friends at Electrify – so give us a ring if you are planning a big event and let us take the whole thing off your hands. We do everything from the risk assessment, to the design, the layout, the firing, and the clear up afterwards.

A Quiet Night Out

Celtic Fireworks Logo

To Alconbury last night for a Trade night with Celtic Fireworks. Celtic are one of the largest suppliers of fireworks in the UK and we base many of our displays and retail ranges around their fantastic products.

This was a demonstration of some of their best quiet fireworks. We already stock many of them, but it was a chance to see some new ones and order them in time for November 2019. As soon as they are in the UK we will get our delivery, and make the retail products available on this site. We will also be supplying Category 4 products (which are for professional use only) to our trade customers.

So keep an eye out.

Firework Categories Explained

Firework warning label with safety instructions

To keep you safe, and to make sure that you buy the right kind of fireworks for your garden, there are four categories of fireworks sold in the UK.

Always read the label on your fireworks and follow the instructions.

Category 1 fireworks (also known as F1)
These are the smallest fireworks and can usually be used indoors. This category includes things like party poppers and the type of sparkler you might put on a birthday cake.

Category 2 fireworks (also known as F2)
These are outdoor fireworks, suitable for smaller spaces. They have a safety distance of 8m. This means that the audience need to be at least 8m away from the firework when it is lit. Some of our F2 fireworks are quite powerful, so we advise people to be further away (up to 25m). If in doubt treat it like an F3 firework (below)

Category 3 fireworks (also known as F3)
These are outdoor fireworks suitable for larger spaces. They have a safety distance of 25m. This means that the audience need to be at least 25m away from the firework when it is lit.

Category 4 fireworks (also known as F4)
These are outdoor fireworks and are only for professional use. This category includes aerial shells and powerful candles and cakes. Many do not have an ordinary fuse and so they can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. They cannot be purchased by the general public.

All fireworks sold in the UK must have a CE mark. This tells you that they have been tested and have been placed into one of the 4 categories above.

If a firework does not have a label on it, it counts as an F4 product and can only be used by a professional pyrotechnician.

For more details about firework categories and labels, click here.