Free Delivery a Big Hit

Consumer fireworks brochure and price list

Our new free delivery service is a big hit. Who would have guessed?

Maybe people like the idea that they can come to this site, get clear guidance on the best fireworks available, and see that they are great value.

Maybe they like the way they can preview the fireworks and make their final choices without having to leave the house.

Maybe they like the way we deliver them direct to their home or office. For free. At a time that works for them.

If you want to find out why it’s so popular, give it a try. But hurry… the last day for on-line orders which can be delivered in time for Bonfire Night is October 31st.

Firework Categories Explained

Firework warning label with safety instructions

To keep you safe, and to make sure that you buy the right kind of fireworks for your garden, there are four categories of fireworks sold in the UK.

Always read the label on your fireworks and follow the instructions.

Category 1 fireworks (also known as F1)
These are the smallest fireworks and can usually be used indoors. This category includes things like party poppers and the type of sparkler you might put on a birthday cake.

Category 2 fireworks (also known as F2)
These are outdoor fireworks, suitable for smaller spaces. They have a safety distance of 8m. This means that the audience need to be at least 8m away from the firework when it is lit. Some of our F2 fireworks are quite powerful, so we advise people to be further away (up to 25m). If in doubt treat it like an F3 firework (below)

Category 3 fireworks (also known as F3)
These are outdoor fireworks suitable for larger spaces. They have a safety distance of 25m. This means that the audience need to be at least 25m away from the firework when it is lit.

Category 4 fireworks (also known as F4)
These are outdoor fireworks and are only for professional use. This category includes aerial shells and powerful candles and cakes. Many do not have an ordinary fuse and so they can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. They cannot be purchased by the general public.

All fireworks sold in the UK must have a CE mark. This tells you that they have been tested and have been placed into one of the 4 categories above.

If a firework does not have a label on it, it counts as an F4 product and can only be used by a professional pyrotechnician.

For more details about firework categories and labels, click here.

Firework Safety on Bonfire Night

people watching a fireworks display

The professional firers at Peak Fireworks and Electrify always put safety first. The most important thing in any display is that everyone – the crowd, the firers, and all the helpers – can enjoy the fireworks and get home safely.

It’s great fun to have a small display in your own garden. This is how many of us got interested in fireworks in the first place. The dark, damp evening. Torches. Special food. Neighbours and family. Maybe a small bonfire. And, of course, the fireworks.

So if you are planning your own garden display, take the advice of the professionals, and plan your evening the same way as us.

First things first… look at the site where you are going to have your display. How big is it? Are there any obstacles (like trees or power lines)? Is there enough space to set out the fireworks? Is there anything that could catch fire? Can everyone be at least 8 metres away (or 25m for larger fireworks)?

Consider the neighbours, too. And keep pets indoors.

Only buy from a reputable supplier who is licenced and insured to sell them. Ask them to help you pick the right products. Peak have a great range of products that will suit any size garden. And we will only sell you products that are suitable for the space you are using.

Then follow the firework code. Remember…

  • Garden fireworks can only be bought and let off by adults.
  • Never drink alcohol if you are letting off fireworks.
  • Always read the label and follow the instructions.
  • Keep them in a closed box until you are ready to light them.
  • Light them at arm’s length using a proper taper or “portfire” then stand well back.
  • Never return to a firework – even if it hasn’t gone off.
  • Never throw fireworks or keep them in your pocket.
  • Never give a sparkler to a child under five. Once it has gone out put the sparkler into a bucket of water.

Have a great Bonfire Night. And always put safety first.

Win £100 of Fireworks

Fireworks selection box

We are working with Nottingham Local News this October to run a competition where you can win £100 worth of fireworks.

All entries will receive a voucher for 10% off our New Year’s Eve packages.

Update: This competition closed on 31st October. The prize was won by a Local News reader in Clifton.

We will be running a similar competition next year.

Expert guide to running your own firework display safely.

2 Health and Safety Guides to running firework displays

Running your own firework display is a serious business.

If you are organising anything bigger than a display in your own back garden you should read this new guide.

Produced by the Explosives Industry Group of the CBI it tells you everything you need to know.

The red guide is for displays where the fireworks are to be fired by people without specialist knowledge or training – a separate blue guide “Working together on Firework Displays” has been prepared by EIG for those users with specialist knowledge. 

This new edition has been updated to include the significant changes in the law relating to the supply, possession, transport, keeping and use of fireworks which may have an effect on the way you organise your display.