50,000 Happy Faces

Professional firework display reflected in a lake

Over 50,000 people saw our fireworks this week. From the smallest family gathering to some of the biggest public displays in the UK. We provided the products for them all.

Thanks to our friends at Electrify Pyrotechnics who put on displays across the country, including the one pictured above (terrific photo by Gez Robinson). And thanks to all the customers who bought fireworks through this site.

And thanks to our suppliers, too, including Celtic, Jubilee, Kimbolton, and Profusion for the amazing and consistent quality of the products.

We still have stock available. So start planning your New Year’s Eve parties.

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Expert guide to running your own firework display safely.

2 Health and Safety Guides to running firework displays

Running your own firework display is a serious business.

If you are organising anything bigger than a display in your own back garden you should read this new guide.

Produced by the Explosives Industry Group of the CBI it tells you everything you need to know.

The red guide is for displays where the fireworks are to be fired by people without specialist knowledge or training – a separate blue guide “Working together on Firework Displays” has been prepared by EIG for those users with specialist knowledge. 

This new edition has been updated to include the significant changes in the law relating to the supply, possession, transport, keeping and use of fireworks which may have an effect on the way you organise your display.